What a month! I have been slammed with work teaching, and also costuming for a show that is opening on SATURDAY! (5/8/21). I am really tired, but even though I am tired, I feel GREAT! I am crafting once a week with my kiddos, and teaching them new skills to take with them as they grow older. I am directing some new actors and actresses, and writing scripts for them so that they can tell their stories and shine!

Cosplay items have been a little on the slower end of things this month, but I have a historically inspired costume that I am, oh so very close to finishing, and some fabulous new ideas I am beginning to collect the materials for.

To check out my latest production, click here to be redirected to the site page, where you can see some pictures and a synopsis of the production.

If you are interested in checking out the subscription craft club I have made, click here and you will be redirected to my education based site with all the information.