‚ÄčThis has been a busy summer with lots of changes for me and my professional life, as well as the obvious changes that have been made due to Covid. I have been doing some soul searching, and do you know what got me through this challenging time? Just sitting back and letting my creative tangents fly! This summer I have created approximately 14 new cosplays, and began writing up a curriculum for release for my costume design passion, so that others can learn about costume design and my process of how it is done. I know this is just the beginning of the changes and challenges for me this year, but I am ready for the challenge. With all of these changes I have decided to create a Patreon where I can share things early with anyone who has an interest or just wants to be a part of the creation. ( https://www.patreon.com/sewwhat ) Join me on my continued creative adventure.

On another note, I have had a few socially distant photoshoots for some of the costumes you haven't seen yet! So stay tuned for some epic non-mannequin photos! 

Photo Taken By: Nick Ferris