This last month has been interesting. I am really getting the hang of my teaching schedule and have some AMAZING classes and workshops on the horizon. Working all of these out has really taken alot of time and effort, but I am so happy that I did it, I really think the winter workshops I am teaching through Compass are going to be incredible. If you would like to see all of the classes I am teaching and where I am teaching them, check out . I have even begun teaching private sewing lessons and consultations, I have really loved teaching people how to sew and am so happy that I can start doing that again.

As if creating 8 week long workshops, setting up private lessons, and teaching my classes wasn't enough, I decided that I really wanted to revamp my Etsy shop with some new and holiday items. I am putting out more items as I finish them, and it feels really great to make these small items with the intent of selling them. To check out my Etsy shop go to .

I have not worked as much on cosplays as I would have liked this month, but with everything else going on, I really don't feel bad about that decision to prioritize other things. But that being said, a few weeks ago I met up with two incredible friends to shoot ALL of my Jasmine costumes!!!! I am so excited to see how they turn out, especially since Jasmine and Belle were my favorite princesses growing up. Belle has been getting a bunch of love lately, but it is now time for the Sultana to have her time to shine.