I had a nice little break at the end of the year, culminating in finishing my original design Anna costume, adapting the colors from Anna's first coronation gown and the shape and design of Anna's intro gown in Frozen II during the song 'Some Things Never Change". This was a costume I started in March, but I lost steam due to interest in other designs. This costume started out the year 2021 with my first completed costume!!!

Upon reflection of all of the work I completed in 2020, I was really excited about all that I was able to do this year. With the world changing due to a pandemic, unemployment due to quarantine and shut downs, and such uncertainty with aspects in my own life, I am proud that I was able to create so many beautiful things. I know that many people want to move into 2021 and pretend as if 2020 never existed, but not me. I want to look back at 2020 with the knowledge that when things were bad, and looking bleak I was able to take time for myself and create. I plan on looking at 2020 as my year of inspiration and creation.

Going back into the swing of work with a few winter workshops (a few of them Cosplay related). I have just been so excited to get back into my new and ever evolving routine of teaching people to create in whatever way that I can.